Graham Hayes for Kevin Street Convenor

Cheers Guys for all the support„, it all came through in the end„, One more year!!!!

We won!!!!

Cheers guys for all the support!!!!

Welcome Back!!!!! Any ideas / questions, drop by: !!! See ya around college!!

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First Question!!!

  • Anonymous: whats the job of the convenor and would you consider yourself the best person for the job, have you the experience
  • Graham: The main role of the convenor is to chair (and _convene_) the local class rep meetings. There secondary role is to promote democracy on their site, and lastly to work with the members of CPIT (the other convenors, and the three convenors) to implement the work that Governing Council sets out.
  • I feel I would be the best person for the job, as I already have a years experience behind me. I also have been involved in DITSU for 4 years now, and have had various positions through out that time.
  • During this year, I have kept the largest retention of class reps at a CRM in quite a few years, and have filled nearly all of the democratic posts that are available locally.
  • I also stand on a for openness and transparency with in the union, and I was part of the push for the convenor elections to be open to all students as part of this. I feel this move makes convenors more accountable, and encourages participation in the union.
  • I hope that answered your question!!! </Graham>

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Imaginary Interview

  • Reporter: So Graham, what do you stand for?
  • Graham: Well, <insert random name here> I firmly believe in openness and transparency. That is why I was one of the people who pushed for this convenor election to be public.
  • Reporter: Why do you think it is important for the convenor to be directly elected?
  • Graham: Well, I think it give the convenor a level of accountability to the general student body, as opposed to just the class reps.
  • Reporter: Will you answer anymore questions?
  • Graham: Yes, if any one has any questions, just go to, and I will add it to this post!!!

The Elections are coming!!! #hayes2010

Welcome to the elections….. nothing like the smell of campaigning in the morning!!!

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